FuseMetrix Group

Business data migration service

When you buy into a cloud service provider, it will already have invested vast amounts of resources in migration and hosting security that cannot be matched by in-house or alternative hosting facilities

FuseMetrix generally works with rapidly growing or existing large enterprises, protecting the valuable information within their infrastructure throughout the migration process.

Our partnership approach

We work closely with staff in all your departments to find out what to migrate and where the information needs to go. This helps us ensure that we eliminate some of the issues your staff experienced on your old system prior to your organisation’s first day of using FuseMetrix.

Most of our customers are surprised by just how closely we work with your business prior to the migration itself: each member of our team works hard to improve data performance. This approach usually directly delivers immediate bottom-line improvements.

Migration timescales vary according to the size and complexity of the business. Project timing is planned to coincide with the customer’s least active trading period.

FuseMetrix doesn’t take risks. The same members of staff carry out all migrations to FuseMetrix, and endeavour to ensure the process is swift, accurate and minimises business disruption