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Human Resources in FuseMetrix

20th November 2015

Keeping track of your employees salary details, or phone numbers, or attendance records, or holidays, or sickness, can be a real bugbear for businesses large AND small - but FuseMetrix can help you with this aspect of your business as well as the "big" stuff.
Have you looked at the HR module in FuseMetrix? Lets look now, and see if it could be a useful addition to your toolbox!

Firstly, it is important to know that access to this this part of your FuseMetrix system, as with many others, is controlled by explicit permission; so you decide who can see staff details and who can't. All that personal and sensitive information is kept safe and secure, away from prying eyes, unless you want to see it.

The HR module in FuseMetrix is accessed through the Human Resources section, (or the Staff List in some systems); so if you access this through the left-hand menu, you will see a list of the staff you have working for you. Normally these people are those that have a logon to FuseMetrix, though the system has the ability to add staff as "HR Only" as well; this means you get all the benefits of using the system, even though your staff might never use it....

Once you access the Staff List, you should see this:  If you can see the words [HR Details] then you have access to the HR Module. To access the HR details for a particular member of staff, just click on the [HR Details] link, and this will take you through to a tabbed screen like this:

Each tab holds different details of a persons HR record, and the tab labels are easily followed. The most frequently used tabs are grouped at the left hand end of the tabbed bar:

The Personal tab holds details of addresses, next-of-kin, bank details, whether a person can claim expenses - and also details of when their employment ended, if you need to use those.
The Contract tab hold details of employment type, working hours, holiday entitlement, and if you have a signed paper document for the contract, you can upload it here to be stored safely and retrieved at will.
The Salary tab holds details of salary, and will also keep a history of what salary was paid in time periods.
The Equipment, Training, Objectives, Professional Membership, and Qualifications tabs hold relevant details as necessary, whilst you can record Accidents, Benefits, Holiday, and Absence on the next 4 tabs.
If you have other documents, such as letters, or forms, or scans (of a passport, for instance) then you can upload it to the Documents tab, safe in the knowledge you will always know where they are!

There are plenty of reports in the HR module as well; print off lists of holidays or absences, personal details, even get a list of birthdays to refer to over the coming year. 

The FuseMetrix HR module gives you the capability to hold all the information on your staff that you need, and enables you to manage an important asset to your business. If you would like more information or help with this part of the system, give us a call on 01908 522444.