FuseMetrix Group

Technical Infrastructure

FuseMetrix is supported by an extensive, multi-site hosting network to help maximise its reliability, performance, resilience and security.

Our hosting infrastructure is also relied upon by some of the world’s most recognised, bandwidthhungry institutions. We have always used it, and are so confident in it that we provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by a refund policy.

In the event of an internet outage to your site, your team could access FuseMetrix through 3G and 4G devices or public Wi-Fi.

The entire FuseMetrix system is replicated across our backup data centre with your data synced in real time.

If something happens that requires investigation, we can restore a database and replay what happened to it during the few days that led up to the event that may have posed a risk. Our infrastructure is also set up so that we can do full stops of any machine to run a full backup of customer data, at any point, without disrupting front-end service.

FuseMetrix infrastructure benefits at a glance:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by a refund policy
  • Hosted in a data centre designed for maximum resilience
  • World-class connectivity and full-system, multi-site failover
  • Hardware runs on multiple power supply feeds to minimise the chance of outages
  • Accessible through 3G and 4G devices
  • Hardware infrastructure is entirely owned by the FuseMetrix Group
  • Only our most experienced, longstanding direct employees maintain our core infrastructure

FuseMetrix’s core infrastructure is hosted in the Equinix Telecity (Powergate) data centre, which was designed to provide maximum resilience. For example, it has two separate feeds from different sections of the National Grid.

Connectivity comes from global providers and eight European internet exchanges. Any failure is automatically detected and immediately addressed, as our system seamlessly switches to an available link, so service provision isn’t impacted.

The same security, resilience and service quality measures are taken at our other sites. Our racks are maintained and supported by our own, directly employed engineering team, in addition to the data centres monitoring each other. The FuseMetrix network is divided into zones which are protected by firewalls, also managed ourselves, but tested by third-party security specialists. All our data is stored behind these firewalls, deep within the network.

Database clusters are replicated, in real time, so your information is safely backed up across multiple machines and sites.

FuseMetrix servers run on a dual-power feed so their power supply doesn’t rely on just one wire, and our redundant internet connections are configured to provide maximum resilience.

The front end of the FuseMetrix system is load-balanced across multiple application servers within our private network