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FuseMetrix Leisure Booking System - A part of the FuseMetrix Leisure Business Management Suite. This booking system contains everything you need to run and scale up your business on a single platform and is the perfect booking system for leisure businesses. Businesses using FuseMetrix include rapidly growing multi-lingual, multi-site, multi-activity leisure centres and businesses. We've spent over 2 decades perfecting this booking system for leisure, entertainment and family-focused entertainment businesses. It's user-friendly, easy to learn and powerful, containing solutions to all the leisure booking requirements you may have, including:

  • Online leisure booking system
  • Group/party/event planning
  • Voucher management
  • Integrated ePoS and check-in system
  • Café till and stock control systems
  • Waiver/Statement of Risk system
  • Hand-held restaurant order-taking system for waiting staff
  • CRM with email marketing
  • Photo and video sales system
  • Incident and accident management
  • Stock management
  • HR including timesheet and clock-in systems
  • Gross receipts and recognised revenue reporting
  • Customer history, product and financial analysis tools

Already used to run leading international travel and leisure brands as well as a wide range of entertainment-focused businesses around the world.
Those who lead FuseMetrix have more than 20 years’ experience in the travel, hospitality, leisure and entertainment sectors. Just look at FuseMetrix’s track record:

  • 300% increase in photo sales within first four months
  • 83% fall in incoming emails chasing orders
  • Replaced hard-copy systems that previous technology couldn’t accommodate

The reasons clients adopt FuseMetrix business management system include:

  • An easy to use leisure booking system
  • It enables real-time financial control with automatic deferred income management
  • Multilingual and multi-currency configurations
  • Flattened IT costs
  • You are always on the latest version
  • All staff use one system
  • Straightforward user management, using roles to define what each team member can see and do
  • Information is only entered into the system once, so there’s no duplication
  • UK-based support
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime with built-in backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Protecting your business and customer data
  • FuseMetrix adheres to Data Protection Act requirements and is Cyber Essentials-accredited (a government-backed cybercrime security scheme).

Our guarantee

Hundreds of businesses have adopted FuseMetrix since 2002 handling millions of online bookings. We have such confidence in FuseMetrix that we provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by a refund policy.

What next?

Call us on +44(0)1908 915905 or complete an online query for an initial chat with an implementation expert who will be able to give you a price range and lead time based on the information you give us during the telephone call. If you are happy with what we have to say, the next step would be an informal tour of your business to assess in more detail how we can best help you.

Experience Management

FuseMetrix gives you the ability to create and customize your own experience to suit your business. Being able to customize experience capacity, operating hours and pricing types.

Booking Calendar

FuseMetrix's booking calendar gives you the ability to reschedule, postpone, cancel a customer experience alongside offer additional products and upsells.


FuseMetrix gives you the ability to manage all your leisure site locations from one cloud-based system which can be accessed anywhere!

Waiver Creation

FuseMetrix gives you the ability to create and customize your own waver forms depending on experience. These forms are fully tablet friendly and offer e-signature signoffs from the customer.

Promotion Management

FuseMetrix gives you the ability to create and customize your own promotions for your products and experiences, making bundles and seasonal offerings easy to manage!

Voucher Redemption

FuseMetrix gives you the ability to offer your customers vouchers that they can redeem. Vouchers can be loaded with any experience, product or bundle you wish you offer.

Membership Scheme

FuseMetrix gives you the ability to offer your customers a membership scheme where they can either earn points which they can redeem or use the membership for frequent attendance.