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FuseMetrix for Offices & Manufacturing can be configured to support a range of operations from mass production through to engineering projects and field based engineering companies with mobile workforces. We don't just deliver a software system, our experts will work with you to streamline your systems and processes to maximise your gains.

Why is it so popular?
It contains specialist modules for engineering and manufacturing
Dashboard providing current status of production against plan Single and batch tracking capability with full forward and reverse tracking
Full audit trails in all areas
Real-time information improves just-in-time (JIT) production scheduling and supplier management
Any member of staff is capable of using it
If you notice an issue or anomaly, you can drill down to detailed information
Facilitates lean manufacturing efficiency gains Information entered can’t get lost
FuseMetrix fully integrates all your departments and business processes
Futureproof - we always keep you on the latest version

Initial lean manufacturing impact on existing or new plants
When you start to use FuseMetrix, you’ll notice that it resolves inefficiencies across departments. It scale up as you open or commission more production sites.

In addition to gaining and maintaining efficiency improvements, FuseMetrix enables you to design and subtly enforce business procedures to ensure your company meets the quality standards your customers demand. For example, FuseMetrix was instrumental in delivering the following results at Hypnos Contract Beds.

Real-time information for easier JIT operations management
Many manufacturers are running JIT operations with tight supply chain integration being essential for the smooth running of the business. The FuseMetrix platform works in real time, so everyone in your organisation and supply chain can be connected with live information.

Increase business control
FuseMetrix enables you and your colleagues to oversee and manage everything from product design and development to protocol production and mass manufacturing, logistics, sales, finance and marketing.

Taking it a step further, some customers link FuseMetrix with their suppliers’ systems, so they can monitor the supply chain from all angles, even when it’s outside their organisation.

Our Guarantee
Plenty of businesses have used our platforms since 2002 and we are so confident in it that we provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by a refund policy.

What next?
Call us on +44(0)1908 915905 or complete an online query for an initial chat with an implementation expert who will be able to give you a price range and lead time based on the information you give us during the telephone call. If you are happy with what we have to say, the next step would be an informal tour of your business to assess in more detail how we can best help you.