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FuseMetrix Business Management System contains everything you need to run and scale up your business on a single platform. 
Our Marketing Hub enables businesses to have better marketing performance from FuseMetrix system capabilities, such as: Web Design, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Promotions and Reporting. 

The system offers the ability to manage all your Marketing in one place, by analysing customer behaviour, maintaining customer relationships and increasing the volume of sales.

Marketing Hub Benefits  Website Design & Management

Our in-house web design and development team can design your very own branded website and once agreed with you, our team of developers will can bring your online business to life. The benefits of having your website developed by FuseMetrix is that it integrates seamlessly with our online Booking System and Sales Dashboard so you can encourage your customers to book online, in advance and you can have complete visibility on total transactions, best sellers, returning customers, sales by employee and gross profit.
Having the Sales Orders in one place can give you an overview of customer data, so you can better target existing customers, based on how regularly they purchase from your business. This information is vital when planning Marketing campaigns and getting to know your customers behavioural pattern. FuseMetrix customer Aqua Parcs told us that this particular feature has helped their business in the way that they no longer need to have an extortionate ad spend, as they can now see customer demographics and target specific locations for a higher return.

(You can see the Aqua Parcs case study here: case-studies/leisure/article/fusemetrix-integrated-crm-and-reporting-functionality-has-enabled-aqua-parcs-to-understand-the-demographics-of-their-customers/38
The FuseMetrix CMS is straight-forward and easy to use, however our support team and service delivery will ensure you have the resources to make future updates and amendments as your business grows.


FuseMetrix further supports you with your Marketing Campaigns by giving you the ability to offer your customers discount and offers on products listed on your website. This is particularly useful when planning seasonal campaigns and promotions to push certain activities. Your customers can get a variety of offers such as; % or amount Off, X for Y and buy one get one free promotions, even meal deals and custom offers etc which can be attractive to potential new customers.  We can control very specifically when and who can benefit from the offer, specific member types, off peak, Saturday AM only etc..
The system can show you how effective your promotions are from analysing the click-through rates to the website, engagement on your web pages and the transactions completed. The promotions and reporting elements can help drive your business forward as you can see what marketing is effective and generating your business a return.

Email Marketing

By looking at your online ordering reports and collating customer email addresses, you can build your own email lists within ResponseMail for regular outbound marketing. Email Marketing is increasingly popular, especially when it comes to automated marketing. You can save time and focus on the operations of your business, by setting up email newsletters to go out automatically.
The ’View Stats’ feature can show you how many emails were opened and what customers are engaging with your email communication for a better understanding of how to drive your marketing performance forward.
Regular newsletters and promotions are a brilliant way to entice customers who have already visited your business and remind them that you exist. Having one centralised database can give you an overview on the activity and interaction from each customer, based on what touchpoint they are at with your business. E.g. sales enquiry, previous customer or regular customer.

SMS Marketing

ResponseMail has the ability to set up AutoResponder Campaigns which work incredibly well with SMS Marketing. The way this would work is if you provide the customer with a unique number, they can text the code, to receive an automated response either by SMS or some other automated follow up.
The unique number can be advertised on printed marketing such as; flyers, leaflets, brochures and any signage around your venue. This unique way of communicating is under used amongst businesses and can help to enhance the customer experience with quick responses.

My Sales

My Sales within FuseMetrix is great for reporting previous sales history as well as storing potential customer opportunities. Having a Sales funnel is essential for all businesses to forecast revenue and it helps to plan creative marketing campaigns targeted towards customers in the pipeline.
Step back from ad-hoc scatter approach marketing and broadcast communications based on previous sales and customers who are interested in making a sale.

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