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The FuseMetrix Marketing Hub is here to accelerate your marketing efforts. Integrated into the FuseMetrix Business Management System, the Marketing Hub keeps your marketing strategy on a centralised platform allowing you to make the most of the system's full capabilities. 
Marketing Hub Benefits 
  • Automate targeted marketing via email and SMS
  • Analyse customer behaviours
  • Personalised content based on user behaviour and purchasing activity
  • Powerful CRM system
  • Target and report on success
In short, The FuseMetrix Marketing Hub allows you to execute efficient B2B and B2C marketing automations, driving revenue and results. 
It pushes not only customer engagement but also your profitability, striving to increase your operational efficiency. Our automated workflows ensure that you're saving time on your marketing strategy without sacrificing its success. 
Using FuseMetrix business management system you're able to interact with customers via bulk email and SMS with an efficient and targeted approach using our data driven automations, quickly and simply. The additional use of automated multi-stage emails means that all of your marketing communications are taken care of.  Through targeted marketing campaigns, these easily customisable communication workflows mean you can meet your customers individual needs at the right time. You're able to keep your customers engaged by delivering them a targeted marketing journey, customised by their behaviours and profile. 
The Marketing Hub guides you through these simple and streamlined workflows to engage with your customers in automations that appear personalised, allowing you to maintain excellent customer relations. This full-funnel marketing approach is proven to better engage customers and give them an optimised brand experience. 
The marketing features of the hub can be organised under specific campaigns, allowing you to keep track of the successes of your tailored, performance-driven approach, thanks to the analytical efficiency of FuseMetrix.
Measuring customer behaviours and preferences allows for efficient and data driven communication, helping you to get the most out of your customer base. You'll also get the most value out of your marketing this way as customers will receive what is most relevant to them and therefore more likely to purchase. 
The data-driven analytical approach comes as a result of its tight integration with our ecommerce and financial systems. These integrations are further optimised with the use of FuseMetrix Website Development, allowing for your website and online sales to be aligned with your marketing strategy. Our easy-to-use CMS aids this as you can respond quickly and with ease to market demands and customer inclinations. 
Furthermore, our in-house web design and development team can design your very own branded website and once agreed with you, our team of developers will can bring your online business to life. The benefits of having your website developed by FuseMetrix is that it integrates seamlessly with our online Booking System and Sales Dashboard so you can encourage your customers to book online, in advance and you can have complete visibility on total transactions, best sellers, returning customers, sales by employee and gross profit.
Having the Sales Orders in one place can give you an overview of customer data, so you can better target existing customers, based on how regularly they purchase from your business. This information is vital when planning Marketing campaigns and getting to know your customers behavioural pattern. FuseMetrix customer Aqua Parcs told us that this particular feature has helped their business in the way that they no longer need to have an extortionate ad spend, as they can now see customer demographics and target specific locations for a higher return.

(You can see the Aqua Parcs case study here: case-studies/leisure/article/fusemetrix-integrated-crm-and-reporting-functionality-has-enabled-aqua-parcs-to-understand-the-demographics-of-their-customers/38
The FuseMetrix CMS is straight-forward and easy to use, however our support team and service delivery will ensure you have the resources to make future updates and amendments as your business grows.

With FuseMetrix, your marketing strategy has the potential to be more powerful than ever. So get in touch today to find out more about how FuseMetrix is the solution for you.