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Environmental Policy

FuseMetrix believes that protecting the environment is a fundamental aspect of life. We recognise our responsibility to the environment beyond legislative requirements, where possible, exceeding environmental regulations, laws, and codes of practice, as applicable.  As a cloud-based software company we are more than aware of the impact that the digital world is having on the planet. As such, we are committed to minimising our impact wherever possible and this consideration is held at the forefront of our business strategy and operating methods.  


We believe that the success of our future, and that of our clients, relies on having a sustainable environmental impact. FuseMetrix strives to achieve this across all aspects of our operations, be that in our office, on the road, who we work with, our digital footprint and the data centres we use.  


We endeavour to recognise our role in climate change and act accordingly to combat as much of our impact as possible by taking some of the following actions: 


Our offices were strategically placed centrally, near transport links in order to enable staff to walk, cycle or use public transport to commute to work.  


Internally, we actively promote recycling, encouraging employees to consider their personal environmental impact within our corporate environment.  


Our data centres are on track for achieving their global climate-neutral goal for 2030 and are currently at 95% of their goal for being 100% powered by renewable energy. We chose our infrastructure carefully, ensuring ours and our client's sustainability efforts are not let down by any third-party factors. We are proud to be partnered with them as they join us in striving for a more sustainable future.  


Full details of their sustainability efforts can be explored here: 


We operate a Net Zero Website which automatically compensates for all the CO2 emissions that our website generates. The usage of our website is monitored in order for the related emissions to be calculated. We also recognise the impact on the environment that our own office infrastructure has. To that end, we have partnered with Tree Nation to plant the necessary trees required to offset these emissions on our behalf. You can find out more about our tree planting journey here:  


FuseMetrix as a product also contributes to more sustainable business operations. Our all-in-one system reduces the carbon footprint that would be created as a result of using numerous third-party servers. Companies adopting the FuseMetrix product are typically moving current business operations, which internally might have required 2-3 servers with backups, onto our cloud system. Small to medium businesses operating servers on premises us a highly inefficient system as the power usage is excessive compared to the computing power of our cloud-based system. Based on trends within our current client base, we believe that we have removed several hundred unnecessary servers from usage. By condensing systems onto our cloud, we are able to optimise and fully utilise our infrastructure, keeping the carbon footprint of our clients combined to a minimum. Furthermore, FuseMetrix allows your business to operate a paperless system, a step in the right direction for minimising waste. 


FuseMetrix will always strive for sustainability and ensure that we take accountability for our environmental impact. Our journey towards a greener future is ongoing.