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The FuseMetrix Finance Hub offers a full accounting system for small to medium enterprises. The system comprises of a nominal ledger, sales ledger and purchase ledger, in addition to an asset register and cash flow module, taking care of your main accounting records. 
 The key features of the Finance Hub include:
HMRC compliant 
Deferred income management 
Automated depreciation 
Stock automation 
With hundreds of standard configurable reports which can be automated and emailed as well as a nominal report builder enabling you to build your own custom reporting. FuseMetrix puts the information that you need to run your business into the palm of your hand. 
Importantly, the system in integrated with HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD) system for the purposes of VAT management. This ensures your accounts are easy, making it simple to get your tax right. 
The system supports custom financial periods, multi-currency bank accounts and exchange rate management, up to five levels of cost centres/departments and bulk bank reconciliation functionality. The multi-currency functionality of FuseMetrix, allows for international trading, ensuring our system is the right fit for all businesses internationally. 
An important aspect of the FuseMetrix finance hub is its consideration of deferred and recognised income, something which clients in the leisure industry find especially useful. 
For a deeper understanding of what some of the Finance Hub can do, the following gives an overview of the key modules:

Nominal ledger

At the heart of the FuseMetrix account system is our nominal ledger. This can be operated in several decimal currencies and supports third-party coding of nominal codes for easy integration with your accountants end of year process. 
In addition to the nominal trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss sheets that you would expect, there are a multitude of other highly configurable reports and account analysis tools. 
We offer the capability of reconciling and nominal account not just the bank account support many advanced features around currency management and nominal analysis. 
In addition to the many built in reports you can build your own custom nominal reports without the need for third-party software. 

Asset register

The FuseMetrix asset register allows you to record asset purchases grouped by class with detailed depreciation schedules, allowing for straight line, reducing balance, or no depreciation over a definable number of years. 
The system permits you to not just tag the asset to its original purchase order, but to manage service histories, disposals and depreciation. 
Conveniently, assets may be checked out to a specific member of staff, being linked directly to their HR record. This serves to allow for easy identification of which company assets are currently with whom (for example who has which laptop or company car etc.). 

Cash flow module

FuseMetrix allows you to perform a cash flow forecast on specified bank accounts from today to any future date, with income based on the due date of invoiced or debtor days (this being the average time to pay calculated on a per customer basis calculating the expected payment due date). Once you have run the report it gives a transaction-by-transaction record of anticipated receipts and expenditure allowing for manipulation to amend the amount expected, the anticipated payment date, and in the case of recurring payments, the ability to disable this payment or all future payments, in addition to adding any notes you wish to about that transaction. 
From the main cash flow screen, you can add one off receipts and one off payments. It is possible to set up recurring receipts and payments defining the start date, end date and frequency, with options to post money automatically onto a customer or supplier account should you choose to do so. 
FuseMetrix cashflow is available as a detailed description and number-based report or in a visual view in the form of graphs or charts. Both make keeping track of your cashflow clear and simple. 

Sales ledger 

FuseMetrix sales ledger takes a customer from quotation, right through to final product or service delivery, invoice, statement and payment. The system operates on a structure of companies and contacts and is highly customisable at both levels, forming the basis of the FuseMetrix CRM system. 
The fast and easy bulk statement generation and sending, creation of direct debit files and collection runs, sales order processing, all come together to make a user-friendly system. 
Within the reporting section there are a vast array of customisable reports covering customers, activity, orders, returns, product sales, payments received, commissions due and daybook summaries. All essential for keeping track of your accounts over time. 

Purchase ledger

Managing the entire purchase order management process with multi-level sign off capabilities the FuseMetrix purchase ledger operates almost identically to the sales ledger with a company and contact-based structure. Again, there is a vast array of configurable purchasing reports based at both purchase order and invoice level along with payments made, and money on account. 
The purchase ledger is integrated with the FuseMetrix HR Hub for the purposes of expenses management this allows for final payment of expenses after they have been approved through the hr hub approval process. 
As demonstrated, particularly with the HR aspect, the FuseMetrix Finance Hub is integrated with the rest of the FuseMetrix Business Management System, keeping everything that you need to run successfully, all in one place.