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FuseMetrix for Retail

A Futureproof B2C Business Management System

The FuseMetrix application contains all the technology you’ll ever need to run your business well and scale up – you’ll never have to change technology systems. It enables you to retain control of your business, regardless of how quickly it moves.

This is why it is so popular:

  • It includes tills, customer bookings/order-taking and barcoded wrist bands
  • Customers have proven that any member of staff (including temps) can use it
  • It provides total business transparency and automatically links information
  • If you notice an irregularity in a high-level report, you can drill down to the detail
  • Your IT costs will remain 100% predictable
  • Companies’ profitability and revenues have increased through FuseMetrix’s powerful B2C marketing, remarketing and automated cross-selling tools
  • All departments and roles will be entirely integrated
  • Information entered into the system can’t get lost
  • It’s multilingual and contains multi-currency finance modules for international trading

The team behind all this are, and have always remained, technically advanced (so you don’t have to be). They’re also business astute so they can quickly understand your operation and plans. Just look at FuseMetrix’s track record in the leisure industry:

Our guarantee

Plenty of businesses have used our platforms since 2002 and we are so confident in it that we provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, backed by a refund policy.

What next?

Call us on +44(0)1908 522444 or complete an online query for an initial chat with an implementation expert who will be able to give you a price range and lead time based on the information you give us during the telephone call. If you are happy with what we have to say, the next step would be an informal tour of your business to assess in more detail how we can best help you.