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The FuseMetrix Food & Beverage Ordering System

Automate your food service's business operations using the FuseMetrix Food and Beverage Hub, fully integrated with our EPOS system. 
The FuseMetrix Food & Beverage Hub is a food and drink ordering service, allowing customers to order and pay for food and drinks direct from mobile phones, tablets, or kiosks.  
The Hub offers the ability to run both table service and order to collect systems, tailored to your business needs and those of your customers too. Furthermore, the customer experience remains simple as the ordering system runs directly from your website, without the need for additional app downloads. 
F&B Hub Key Benefits
  • No Queue
  • Integrates fully with FuseMetrix EPOS
  • Contactless 
  • Enhanced F&B Cost Management
  • Improve Stock Control
  • Real Time Order Status Information for Staff
  • Customers can place orders directly from their phone
  • All the benefits of a table ordering app without the cost of app development
Encouraging customers to order their own food provides a simpler and faster way for the customer to order. It avoids long queues and makes the ordering process easier for both staff and customers alike. Using FuseMetrix also gives you ownership of the entire customer experience without the need for third-party interference, consolidating customer loyalty and trust. 
The FuseMetrix business management system gives you the opportunity to receive, view, track and fulfil orders all digitally, without the need for outdated paper tickets. This digital organisation is also beneficial in the management of allergens as these important order details are kept clear and consistent, creating increased awareness and reassurance for staff and customers. 
Your entire operation is made more effective as employees are able to focus on providing exceptional customer service without the time-consuming aspect of manually taking orders. The FuseMetrix Food and Beverage Hub also saves time in the kitchen as you are able to manage kitchen workflows more efficiently with the benefit of a kitchen display screen (KDS). This timesaving feature serves to also minimise the risk of costly errors as customer orders go directly to the kitchen. This is made possible by the seamless integration of FuseMetrix EPOS with the online ordering system which ensures smooth and direct communication. Furthermore, the all-in-one nature of FuseMetrix relieves the hassle of third-party integrations, reducing the risk of costly and timely software communication errors. 

Using the FuseMetrix online ordering system ultimately puts the customer in complete control of their ordering process. This allows them to spend more time browsing the menu, creating a stress-free ordering experience without the time constraints of a queue. The user-friendly nature of FuseMetrix also optimises customer spending potential as upsells and related products are promoted throughout the ordering process, encouraging larger, more profitable orders. This increased average ticket value boosts the success of your food and beverage facilities without the cost of any extra efforts.  

An additional feature of the Food and Beverage Hub is the customisable nature of products. With ease, your customers can be given the option to add or remove individual components of a product. Each customer’s needs and preferences can be met with minimal disruption to regular food service. FuseMetrix keeps both your business’ efficiency and your customer’s satisfaction at the forefront of our architecture, thanks to the flexibility and user-friendly nature of the system. 

Thanks to the modular architecture of FuseMetrix, every aspect of your business management is taken care of. The sophisticated analytical capabilities of FuseMetrix enables you to enhance the customer-restaurant relationship by providing end to end customer relationship management (CRM). With this in mind, the integration of the ordering system with the FuseMetrix Marketing Hub ensures promotions and marketing communications are data driven, targeted to customers based on relevancy to further their personal customer experience. This performance driven approach allows for businesses to accelerate revenue whilst simultaneously understanding and responding to individual customer behaviours and preferences. Other particularly useful integrations include that of the Membership Hub, meaning customer data, including unique promotions and discounts can be applied and tracked. 
The integrated inventory management keeps stock information up to date with each sale, down to the ingredients, ensuring easy menu management, with every detail taken into account. Such real time information regarding inventory ensures efficient operations day in and day out. 
The mobile friendly ordering system supports a modern and dynamic business model, propelling you to be at the forefront of market changes. The flexibility of FuseMetrix is tailored to both your business needs and market trends, ensuring success from every aspect. 

If you'd like to revolutionise your Food and Beverage ordering service then get in touch today!