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Industry Leading Utilities Consultancy Streamline Processes with FuseMetrix | Business Management System


Full Power Utilities are an industry leading utilities consultancy and have been a valued FuseMetrix customer for 3 years. Specialists in energy procurement and solutions, Full Power Utilities are on a mission to bring clarity, transparency and cost-saving solutions to their 3,400 clients. Having now been in business for over 25 years, Full Power Utilities have undergone huge transformation and growth over recent years, with FuseMetrix playing a significant role in facilitating this as their business management system.

"FuseMetrix has given us the tools to facilitate our growth." Paul Smith, Full Power Utilities CEO

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Full Power Utilities’ implementation of FuseMetrix business management system came as a way to modernise and streamline their processes, replacing all of their core business applications and extending information through to external, independent Introducer agents. With the annual consumption of the meters live with Full Power equating to over 1 billion kWh, their outreach is extensive! Newly optimised processes using FuseMetrix were essential.
From its beginnings in 2010, Full Power Utilities’ Introducer Agent (IA) Programme has grown to become the biggest in the commercial market - now recruiting over 50 Introducers a month. This exceptional growth has been aided by the enhanced efficiency that the FuseMetrix business management system provides. Onboarding for the IA Programme was previously a slow, laborious process. The entire onboarding process has now been streamlined using FuseMetrix, allowing the partnership between Full Power and their Introducers to start off on the right foot from day one, establishing the friendly relationship they strive for. They have seen a 50% increase in people joining the programme since streamlining their onboarding process with FuseMetrix. They have also witnessed a 100% increase in the number of leads coming in from these Introducers! Once onboarded, IA’s are able to submit introductions into the core FuseMetrix business management system and keep track of these throughout the sales process. They have access to ongoing training information, right from their securely accessed portal.
With the use of FuseMetrix, their IA onboarding process now consists of automated videos to be followed within a personalised portal. This does not just simplify the process for the Introducers, but also for Full Power Utilities themselves, who are then able to keep track of where in the process Introducers are by using reports. The efficiency of FuseMetrix automations extend beyond the client and onto their users too. Full Power's bespoke portal was developed so successfully because of the deep understanding of the business that the FuseMetrix team have gathered. With FuseMetrix developers being deemed "diamonds to work with", the relationship this business management system and it's team holds with their clients really is second-to-none.

In addition to the bespoke portal, the implementation of FuseMetrix has saved the company immeasurable amounts of time in other aspects of the business too thanks to further automations. Laborious manual tasks such as filling in Letters of Authority and VAT Declarations one at a time now have all fields populated by FuseMetrix in one click. This time-saving functionality has facilitated energy to be focussed elsewhere for increased productivity across the business.

Full Power saw a 31% increase in the contract value written in the first year following the implementation of FuseMetrix! Whilst this growth cannot be attributed in full to the transition, had it not been for the efficiency of FuseMetrix, the opportunity to react to evolving industry situations would not have been possible.

The benefits of our business management system extend beyond figures. As we all know, the pandemic resulted in a dramatic shift in working culture across the nation. Full Power Utilities were able to facilitate the shift to work from home thanks to the cloud-based nature of FuseMetrix. Furthermore, even as we emerge from the days of social distancing, Full Power Utilities continue to be able to support and accommodate staff’s personal circumstances with the ability to work remotely. FuseMetrix has allowed for this to happen. CEO Paul Smith comments that “FuseMetrix has been the big difference in allowing for [this] positive company culture shift.”

Their exceptional growth has been accommodated by and managed within the FuseMetrix business management System. Our team looks forward to continuing to support this as Full Power Utilities go strength to strength.