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How do I view nominal codes?

There are two different ways of viewing your nominal codes, either in the list view which is the default view you see when you click the nominal ledger item, this is simply a list of nominal codes in numeric order along with their description and any credit or debit balance.
In the top of this screen, you will see a ‘Tree view…’ option. Clicking this will allow you to view your nominal codes by nominal area and category. Clicking the ‘+’ symbol to the left of a nominal area exposes any nominal categories below this, again clicking the ‘+’ symbol next to any of these nominal categories will reveal a listing of nominal codes, descriptions, debit and credit balances falling within the category. Each section, in addition, has a total of the debit and credit balances at the bottom.
At the top of the page there is an ‘Expand all’ and a ‘Collapse all’ button which gives you a fast way to view your complete nominal code range in a tree view.