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Setup FMXchange on my IOS device

This setup will allow you to synchronise your emails, contact and diary events thats are in FuseMetrix with your IOS device.

These setup instructions apply to iOS 15.4.1.
  1. Go to Settings -> Mail
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Click Add Account
  4. Select 'Microsoft Exchange'
  5. Enter your email address e.g.
  6. Enter a description, this can be anything and is used to help you know what this account is for
  7. Click Next
  8. Enter YOUR email address, the one in your FuseMetrix system.
  9. In server enter
  10. In domain, enter your domain name. If you are not sure, this is the part of your FuseMetrix web address just before the “”. So, if you log onto Fusemetrix at “” then your domain will be “mycompany”. If you log onto “” then your domain will be “smithsbakeryproducts”
  11. Enter YOUR username. This is the username you use to log onto your FuseMetrix system.
  12. Enter YOUR password. This is the password you use to log onto your FuseMetrix system.
  13. Click Next
  14. This will then verify your credentials - if this shows an error, please double check the credentials you've entered are correct