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Why isn't my Responsemail campaign sending to everyone on my email list?

You might notice when you click on 'Responsemail', that the 'No. sent' column for your campaign contains fewer emails sent than you were expecting. 

If you go to 'Responsemail' > 'Email Lists', the 'Number of Addresses' column against each Email List is the maximum possible number of emails that could be sent out for a campaign. 

When you send a Responsemail campaign to an Email List, your FuseMetrix system does some checks before it sends:
1. Checks for duplicates, and will only send to these addresses once.
2. Checks for any badly formed emails, and will not send to these addresses.
3. Checks if the person in the email list is a contact in your FuseMetrix system, if they are, then it uses the 'Communication Type' field set against the campaign to checks the 'Customer Communication Preferences', if they're opted in to the 'Communication Type', then the email will send. If they're opted out then it will not send.
4. If the person in the list is not a contact in FuseMetrix, then it will check your 'Unsubscribes' list. If the person is on this list, the email will not send.
5. If you have sent this campaign once already, FuseMetrix will do one final check and will not send the campaign again to anyone who has already been sent the email.

After your FuseMetrix system has completed it's checks, it's very likely that your Responsemail campaigns will be sent to less people than the number of addresses in your Email List.