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4 Ways Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Responsemail Email Marketing by FuseMetrix
Here at FuseMetrix we always encourage our software clients to take full advantage of our built-in email marketing feature called ‘ResponseMail’. 
This feature is perfect for all businesses, because it is an effective way to regularly communicate with your customers and great addition to your overall Digital Marketing strategy. 
Emailing a Mass audience has its pros and cons, however when managed correctly and within the FuseMetrix Business Management System, there are huge benefits such as:
1.Drive more conversions
FuseMetrix has a CRM module which enables customers to add companies, the contact within the companies, and gives a clear view on upcoming opportunities. This information is vital for Marketing activity to ensure that potential customers are being communicated to and that the business is driving conversions to their website or converting sales into paying customers.
2.Stay connected with your customers 
Fuse Metrix online booking system automatically saves the data from your customer orders, so you have all email addresses in one place, ready to communicate to. By regularly emailing your customers, you can remind them of your services, upsell and further build the relationship they have with your brand.
3.Segment customers into groups
The system has the capability to segment customer groups based on their buying behaviours and whether they are new or existing customers. Having visibility on this will help drive your business forward as you can better tailor your Marketing message and send more effective emails which will have a higher response rate.
4.Use one platform for everything
Using one system saves businesses time and money as they do not need to pay various different systems subscription fees and invest the time in training staff up on each system. FuseMetrix gives businesses the ability to e-mail prospect customers and existing customers, whilst generating reports on the success of each email campaign.
With lots of businesses reopening post Covid-19, email marketing is an essential communications tool when it comes to informing your customers on your new policy and opening date.
For help and assistance on using Response Mail in your business, please contact