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How to increase your 2023 Ticket Sales

Sometimes reaching your full ticket sales potential can be difficult, especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis. Whilst we know how difficult this year has the potential to be, we think that broadening your customer base and increasing your visibility could be the solution to optimising your ticket sales. Using a channel manager is the best way of achieving this - accelerating your sales to maximise your profits. 
Channel managers are here to help you to succeed. A channel manager is simply a tool that handles your different streams of ticket sales for you. Using a channel manager like Rezdy means it's easy to sell your products with third-party channels such as Get Your Guide, Google Things to Do, Viator and Tripadvisor! 
The visitor attraction industry thrives with a big online presence, so being able to sell your tickets on third-party platforms is great for increasing your visibility to a whole new range of customers. A study by Expedia Group found that two out of three tourists were researching where to visit online.  By getting your attraction onto these big mainstream sites, your chances of selling more tickets to first-time customers skyrockets! Simply put, you’re able to reach customers that your typical marketing budget just might not be allowing you to reach. 
What could be better than being opened up to a huge network of distribution channels, all with the goal of getting customers through your doors. You don’t have to do all the work yourself anymore when it comes to selling tickets; there’s thousands of agents who can generate sales for you. Having a third party boosting your ticket sales means that you’ve got the time to spend focusing on what you do best - providing a great guest experience. 
The channel manager will take your sales to the next level with increased distribution and no extra hassle. Furthermore, using a channel manager that is in partnership with your booking system means that you don’t need to worry about anything – it’s all handled for you.
With the combination of FuseMetrix and an integrated channel manager like Rezdy, you’re able to drive bookings and maximise your operational efficiency. 

About Rezdy:
Rezdy are the world’s leading independent distribution platform for tour and attraction operators. They manage all of your channel partners centrally, so you just need to deal with Rezdy rather than every reseller individually. We're proud to be partnered with them on this handy integration as they offer the industry's best connectivity and largest reseller network.
The benefit of using Rezdy over any other channel manager is that it is directly connected to your FuseMetrix Booking System. Selling tickets on several sites can be a scary undertaking with the fear of overbooking or facing availability issues, but with Rezdy there’s no need to worry about any of that as it’s all connected to your live sales data in FuseMetrix. This use of real-time ticket availability allows for a completely seamless guest experience – it’s a win-win!
Instead of having to manually adjust inventory and availability, the partnership between FuseMetrix and Rezdy means all of this is automated for you – minimising the risk of error being made when it comes to things like overbooking.