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November Update - Support Surveys, Family Attraction Expo and Charity Bake Sale

Fun at the Family Attraction Expo!

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This month saw Callum and Sophie head up to Birmingham for the Family Attraction Expo. As ever, it was lovely to see so many familiar faces at the show, we love being a part of such a friendly industry!

The show was a great success and we can't wait for the upcoming trade shows we'll be attending in 2023.

Support Surveys

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We are now starting to get feedback from our Support Ticket Survey. Thank you to those that have taken the time to complete it. Of note, we do have a disconnect with some of our clients in terms of using the ticketing system and the housekeeping needed to stop tickets becoming dormant. Often is the case that after being sent back with requests for information, advice on how to resolve a set-up, or even developments/fixes provided, we don't hear back. Historically before the summer there were large volumes stuck in this status and this created quite a cluttered view for us to see what was a priority for you, our clients.  
We accept to a certain degree that this situation was one of our own making as we had not been clear on our approach to these tickets. We have now implemented a rule which dictates that tickets allocated with the status 'Support - more info. required', 'Support Client - Notified', or 'Support - Awaiting PO' will all auto close after 14 days where no response is received. 
Don't worry, it's simple to keep a ticket alive, just respond to the notification you receive within 14 days, be that by email or via the portal, and it will change its status for us at FuseMetrix. Your update could be as simple as 'Thanks we are still investigating this'. This will then allow the 14-day count to start again keeping the ticket alive. If a ticket does however close, it can be revisited by reaching out to None of the information is lost we just simply have stopped any activity until we hear from you again.  
The other feedback we have received is that some clients are not using the ticketing system as past experience over the years has caused them to deem it 'pointless'.  When tried before, the perception was nothing ever got resolved. Rest assured we have done a lot of work to rectify this situation. We are now consistently moving tickets through, and we would encourage those who may have previously dismissed the portal to once again give it a try and give us a chance. Our aim is to help you with this new structure and in doing so, avoid any items dropping through the cracks in future whilst keep you better informed throughout the process.   
Overall, the quality of tickets we've been receiving with the new system is outstanding! The detail you've been providing is helping move the process along much quicker for all of us - so thank you!

Charity Bake Sale!

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At the end of last month we had had a Halloween themed bake sale in aid of the Night Shelter, a charity local to us. Thanks to everyone's incredible baking efforts we raised a whopping £135! Safe to say, the FuseMetrix team love cake!