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September Update - Better Communication and Hardware Upgrades

As we're sure you know by now, lots of changes have been taking place here at FuseMetrix. One of the big things we're focusing on is communication. We'd like to keep everyone in the loop going forwards, be that development release notes, general updates on what's going on here at FuseMetrix, and extending to the progress of specific support requests. Our aim is to keep you up to date. 

Hardware changes

FuseMetrix has recently started a process of upgrading its infrastructure for our hosted clients. This was with the aim of increasing both uptime and system overall performance. We've now added additional front end servers, further increasing capacity way beyond the current requirements and changed some of the rule instructions for the Source and Replica database servers, which means the Source servers load is reduced and work instructions are better distributed across the clusters. These changes have cleared the biggest challenge coming in from individual client requests that we were experiencing.


We have further changes coming with more upgraded hardware having just arrived in our offices, so these will be planned in over the coming weeks. We are pleased to say with a large part of the work completed through August, the overall system performance has improved accordingly. The next big test will be Halloween, and of course we will be monitoring this very closely to ensure we have achieved our aims.


It's not just our hardware that's being upgraded, our software processes have also come a long way. We've now introduced sprints, where all development for a two week period is planned and executed within that time frame. This ensures that both us and you know when any technical tickets you've raised will be completed. 

We've just completed another successful sprint and development time management has certainly been improved.

Release Notes 

Similarly, in the interests of keeping our customers better informed, we are also now publishing our weekly development release notes. This allows clients to keep up to date on what improvements and enhancements are being made to the FuseMetrix product. 

The full list of weekly developments that have been released can be found by going to your FuseMetrix system (eg. and then in the menu go to System Setup > Click the tab called Release Notes. This will be updated weekly.