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The Importance of Capturing Feedback from Customers

Why is capturing feedback from your customers so important?
Gathering feedback and reviews from your customers is a fundamental part of being a successful visitor attraction. It gives you the opportunity to reach out and nurture your existing customers, whilst also laying the foundations for gaining new customers when they see positive reviews.
It may seem scary, but remember, constructive feedback is all there to help you make any necessary improvements and better the customer experience. Feedback can be used to completely shape your customer experience as it gives you an insight into exactly what it is that is or isn’t working. Feedback can be taken to demonstrate just how far you’re fulfilling your customer’s needs and what you need to do to meet their expectations. Furthermore, by giving your customers the opportunity to voice their opinions, they feel listened to - you’re directly communicating with them that their opinion is important to you.

Customer feedback gives you tangible, actionable data that you can take forwards to influence future business decisions. You can ensure that the feedback you receive is tailored to what you want to know by creating your own feedback surveys (these can be made easily within the FuseMetrix Marketing Hub!).
How do I ask for feedback?
FuseMetrix makes it incredibly simple to capture reviews from your customers post-visit through easy marketing communications. By using FuseMetrix you can automate your customer communications using both SMS and email marketing methods. You can utilise both methods when asking for feedback as it’s super easy to send a link to survey’s that you’ll have premade in your FuseMetrix system. You can even automate this to send post visit!

Our partners over at Rezdy have even come up with a few handy examples of how you can go about asking for feedback and reviews:
Example 1
We hope you had a brilliant time with us here at [Business Name]! We wondered if you’d like to leave us a review? This will help other people just like you find and enjoy our tours. You can click the link below to leave a review for [Business Name] on [Review site].
Example 2
Did you enjoy yourself as much as we did? We’d be delighted if you could help spread the word about how awesome [Business Name] is. Head on over to TripAdvisor now at this link to drop us some love. If your experience was anything less than perfect, we’d love to hear about that too – please get in touch directly so we can make things right.
Example 3
Roses are red, violets are blue, we loved having you – did you love us too? If yes, why not leave us a review!
Example 4
[Name], we’d love your feedback on your recent experience with us. What did you like? What can we do better? You can get in touch by replying to this email or give us a review on [Review site] if you would like to recommend us to others.

When it comes to sending out surveys, using rating-based questions is a great way of gauging how satisfied a customer is. You’re able to see the extent to which you’re meeting their expectations and ensure that the data you receive is manageable and measurable. Specifically, using Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology is a sure-fire way of determining customer satisfaction. NPS is a universally used method that relies on a straightforward question, investigating how likely a customer would recommend your brand to a friend. Responses to this are based on a 0-10 rating scale, with 0 being extremely negative and 10 representing extremely positive. Using the FuseMetrix Marketing Hub you’re able to view a breakdown of your Net Promoter Score per survey, making your feedback simple to process visually. 

Curious to see how you could use FuseMetrix to automate your marketing communications? Get in touch and book a free demo today!

Where do you want the feedback?

A key thing to consider is where the reviews and feedback that you’re asking for can be found. US research shows that 93% of people use online reviews as a point of reference before visiting. [1]

It’s also important to remember that you want your reviews to be where the customers are booking. For instance, if lots of your bookings come via third party sites like TripAdvisor, then make sure that’s where you’re asking customers to leave reviews! By having existing customers comment online about their experience, it means that your business’ reach is ever expanding online. 

Why not consider selling your tickets where the reviews are?

If your TripAdvisor is full of amazing reviews, then why not get customers booking on here when they see them? Conveniently, FuseMetrix is integrated with Rezdy, who will allow you to do just that!
Rezdy are the world’s leading independent distribution platform for visitor attraction operators. They manage all your channel partners centrally, so you just need to deal with Rezdy rather than every reseller individually. We're proud to be partnered with them on this handy integration as they offer the industry's best connectivity and largest reseller network, linking you up with the likes of Get Your Guide, Google Things to Do, Viator and TripAdvisor!
You can find out more about our partnership with Rezdy here:
At the end of the day, wherever it is that you’re selling your tickets, the importance of customer feedback cannot be underestimated. It’s your chance to find out exactly what your customers are thinking and to act upon it – an invaluable opportunity.