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The UK's First Online, GDPR-compliant Whole Business Management System of its Kind

The Milton Keynes-based FuseMetrix Group may have become the UK’s first cloud-based, whole business management platform to ‘go live’ with largely automated GDPR compliance measures. 
“We’ve done it! FuseMetrix is the UK’s first GDPR-compliant, cloud-based, whole business management system of its kind. 
As FuseMetrix simply means using one platform to run an entire business rather than separate technologies for tills, accounts, project management, CRM, emails, etc., we had to painstakingly scrutinise GDPR requirements and apply them across entire businesses,” explained Matthew Ballinger, director of the FuseMetrix Group. 
A large proportion of businesses using FuseMetrix are B2C. Some are in industries such as insurance, in which companies are required to retain what GDPR classifies as ‘personal information’ for long periods. 
“Incorrectly applying GDPR compliance measures could mean breaching industry-specific guidelines, and so smoothly launching this compliance update is a real achievement,” concluded Matthew.
It’s not just about opting in or out of communications; FuseMetrix automatically categorises communication types and stores detailed, interlinked audit trails of communication preferences, along with the trails you’d find in standalone CRM systems. 
Even FuseMetrix’s email broadcasting has interlinked classifications to keep you on the right side of GDPR law.