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5 reasons why Memberships increase your revenue

As leisure companies reopen and the pressure is on, to generate as much revenue as possible to replace the income lost during business closure, FuseMetrix want to share the advantages of having memberships, especially when it comes to increasing your revenue.
1.Continuous monthly income 
Having a membership scheme in place helps your business to take a continuous stream of monthly revenue through direct debits. This enables your business to have a regular income with a predictable schedule. 
Memberships also help your customer experience by preventing them having to pay-as-you go, which can work out more expensive.
2.Pay upfront fee 
When signing a customer up to your membership scheme, you can take the first month payment upfront which is a great advantage to your company’s cash flow, especially during this current climate.
3.Encourages retention
Memberships encourage a consistent customer base, and this can determine your company growth, as it will help you to create meaningful relationships. If the customer becomes a member of your company, it is unlikely they will want to go anywhere else as they hold a membership with your business.
4.Buying habits 
Once you have a member, you can then monitor their buying behaviour within your business, which helps you communicate better with them to further enhance the relationship. For example, you can send them targeted email campaigns through FuseMetrix ResponseMail to upsell particular products or services. 
5.Encourages referrals  
Members are usually your brands biggest advocates and often help to promote your business through word of mouth. They are likely to always suggest your business to peers as you are giving them value in being a member.

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