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How Customer Waivers help benefit Health & Safety and Marketing within your Leisure Business

After the unprecedented nationwide shut down, businesses are at various stages of reopening and lots of Leisure Businesses naturally have several concerns for the safety of their employees and customers. In an effort to avoid anyone contracting Coronavirus whilst on site, several businesses are requiring customers and workers to sign a liability waiver.
By having a legal waiver in place, it helps to reduce the risk of liability within your business, especially for some of our Leisure customers who facilitate risk-related activities.
Using secure online waivers provides peace of mind, saves time, and makes for a better overall customer experience. Especially as passing paper documents are no longer considered a hygienic way of operating during these times, when social distancing and minimal queuing is a must. It is far better for businesses to prevent lots of people in reception areas at once, all touching pens and prevent people slipping away without signing. A better, less chaotic way of operating is to encourage customers to sign digital waivers, which can be set-up via your FuseMetrix Leisure Management System.
With a seamless digital booking experience, customers will be reassured that the check-in and the experience itself will run smoothly, too. Digital waivers also let your customers know that you take safety and your business seriously.
Aside from using waivers for health & safety, you can use waivers for your Marketing to boost your business and encourage customers to return. Your waivers can collect the following information; name, address, email address, date of birth and telephone number, all of which is vital information when marketing an activity-based business. 
To utilise waivers for Marketing purposes, include a check box for customers to opt in and give their consent to send mail, emails and texts. You can organise your company communications in FuseMetrix and take advantage of the built-in email marketing feature. 
Repeat business is the fastest way to grow your business without spending a lot, so by switching pen and paper forms to a digital version you can open the possibility of gathering valuable data on your customers. An added extra is that your business will no longer have to store piles of paper with personal data on and your business can be green and reduce carbon emissions.
For more information on your customer waivers, or help on enhancing them to better support your H&S/Marketing, please contact (01908) 915905