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How to manage your Holiday Rental Bookings

Running a holiday resort business can be incredibly rewarding. You get the opportunity to provide memorable experiences to others. Whether you provide coast to countryside, heated pools to hot tubs, lakeside retreats, caravan parks to discreet hideaways, one of your responsibilities is to provide an adequate booking system for your customers.
Choosing the right location and finding suitable accommodation, on chosen dates are all essential searches for customers looking to book a holiday.
However, the customer experience doesn’t have to be a hurdle for your company to overcome, especially with the FuseMetrix all-in-one business management system. Here are a few ways that we can streamline your business and rental process:

Manage Holiday Bookings Online

It is no longer essential to have different systems that do different things. With a built-in ecommerce website, all transactions can be done via your website and with the integration of FuseMetrix, the system will keep track of all booking information and customer agreements so you can successfully obtain detailed reporting documents.
With Holiday Rentals it is imperative to have an inventory tracking feature to see what’s available. With FuseMetrix, it’s a straightforward task.

Water Sports are on the books

Include Water Sports activities, Spa facilities and more to your online bookings and schedule all appointments in an organised way. Giving the customer a full listing of options available will help to increase sales and generate cashflow in advance.

Include food and drink options

When adding food and drink options to your customers holiday bookings, they need an experience that is quick, responsive, and customisable.  FuseMetrix can customise your online booking system depending on what your holiday park is offering.

Marketing is automated (If you want)

You’re running a resort and the likelihood is you’re very busy. Running Marketing campaigns is a timely task that is everchanging for you and your team and can feel like the job is never done. Through the FuseMetrix software, many Marketing campaigns can be automated. You have the option to run campaigns based on rentals, refreshments and activities. The possibilities for endless for your marketing goals.

(You can see more information on Marketing Your Business through FuseMetrix here: )