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In Conversation with... Our FuseMetrix Leisure Implementation Specialists

Here at FuseMetrix, we have a team of dedicated implementation specialists whose role it is is to ensure that your transition from your existing software provider to FuseMetrix is as smooth as possible. 
If you’ve onboarded with us already, you’re more than likely to be very familiar with Emily and Catriona. They’re the friendly faces who take you from A to B and make sure your system is set up in a way that works best for you. If you’re looking to implement FuseMetrix in the future, then this inside look into what the team get up to will give you an insight into exactly how much you’re guided through the process. 

Having a look at what it takes to onboard a client really showcases the dedication, expertise, and meticulousness that it takes to deliver a seamless implementation experience. With nearly 8 years FuseMetrix experience between them, Emily and Catriona are an unbeatable duo when it comes to understanding exactly how to get FuseMetrix to work best for you. 
What interaction do customers have with you guys?
Catriona: Loads! Once they’ve joined, we start every project with a Kick-Off Call with Sales and the customer to understand exactly what it is they want to get out of the system. From here we then become the customer’s main point of contact as we set up their system to suit them. This comes with onsite visits and regular communication in between – so we definitely have a lot of interaction with them! It’s only once they’ve actually gone live that we handover to our support team for ongoing support. 
Emily: Oh yes, we’re very hands on when it comes to speaking directly with customers. Our processes rely on lots of collaborative conversations between us and the customer. It’s all about getting their feedback and exploring how their way of doing things can be replicated or made more efficient using our system. It needs to be such a two-way thing for the customer to get the best system for them at the end of it!
What does a typical day look like when you’ve got a go live coming up?
Catriona: The closer we get to go live day, the more testing, training and final set up bits there are. We’ll often have an onsite day with the customer prior to go live to do some training with their teams so that everyone is confident in using FuseMetrix to its full potential when they go live. 
Emily: Yeah, the longest part of a project is the set up – so that’s all the product inputting, activity configuration etc. So, once we’re getting close to go live it’s more of the little details that we’re working on. End to end testing of the booking pages is a key part of this, ensuring that the booking process for our customer’s customers is a smooth flow and all working as it should. 
What’s the most rewarding part of your role?
Catriona: Every client has specific needs and processes, and it's our job to tailor their FuseMetrix system to match them. It’s super satisfying to see the system in action when we’re on site for a go live day, seeing all their configurations working exactly as they need them to. 
Emily: Yeah, it’s definitely got to be seeing them over the finish line and helping them on go live day. It’s a pretty full on day and obviously a big change for the customer, but like Catriona said, we’re normally on site with the team on the day, making sure it all goes smoothly. It feels great seeing all the configuration and training coming together when you see them confidently using the system. Of course, it’s also amazing when we check back in with customers post go live and hear about how much easier it’s making their lives – makes it all worth it!
Thanks both of you! 
We hope you enjoyed this little insight into what the projects team get up to. You can really tell just how passionate they are about getting our customers onboard stress-free and using the system to its full potential!